About Us

Bainbridge Island Press seeks poetry that expands itself in identity, language, contemplation, empathy, and the environment. 

Poetry Corners submissions will be accepted from Bainbridge Island residents or anyone with a Bainbridge Island connection.

Poetry manuscripts will be accepted from anyone.

CEO of Bainbridge Island Publishing, Tamarah Rockwood graduated from Harvard in 2020 with an ALM in Literature and Creative Writing.

Her published works include short stories, screenwriting, poetry in University of Canberra Vice Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize, among other published poetry in journals, anthologies, and her own poetry book.
She is the manager of Ars Poetica in Western Washington state.

COO of Bainbridge Island Publishing,
Ben Rockwood is the VP of Engineering & Operations at Mondoo. He helped build the first Infrastructure as a Service cloud at Joyent in 2005 and became an influential voice in the DevOps movement since it began in 2009. He’s also helped advance operations, security, and compliance at Chef, Packet, and Equinix. He lives on Bainbridge Island near Seattle.

The bottom line is: We love poetry.
We love publishing poetry.
We will love to publish quality poetry.

Copyrights and payments - You, as the author, retain all rights to your work. All artists retain the rights to any published artwork.

As with our anthologies, chosen submissions will be unpaid. 

All proceeds will be directed to present and future publishing costs, plus one bottle of decent wine at the end of a project.