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Bainbridge Island Press

Metaphoria: Poems and Meditations

Metaphoria: Poems and Meditations

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Metaphoria: Poems & Meditations by Gary Wood is a poignant collection of poetry that transports readers to another time, to the wilderness, and into the soul of an older man as he gazes back upon the intricate tapestry of his life. Wood's verses are a rich amalgamation of reflection, passion, and a yearning for understanding amidst the mysteries of existence. In the wilderness of his memories, this sage poet beckons us to wander alongside his restless and awe-struck self, who, like a fervent seeker, finds solace and inspiration in the grandeur of creation, yet grapples with the nagging unease of not uncovering absolute truths. Metaphoria is a profound exploration of the human experience, a journey through the labyrinth of an individual's life. With each line, Wood masterfully weaves the traditional trope of storytelling into a lyrical tapestry of existence lived, thoughts pondered, and love cherished. This collection encapsulates the essence of the human condition, inviting us to dwell in the reverie of a life's wisdom, to embrace the myriad emotions that have filled an older man's heart, and to celebrate the beauty of storytelling that transcends time and place.

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